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Less is more

Vacuum Insulating Glazing

Keep the frames, change the panes! Installing FINEO insulating glass is easier than installing triple glazing which involves breaking and removing the existing window frames. FINEO is often the most economical option.

Bring your glazing to the forefront of glass technology with FINEO vacuum-insulated glazing

Improved insolation and comfort

Increased light Transmission

Improved noise Reduction

Custom made to your needs

Quick and easy to install

100% ready for the circular economy

Our product range

What is FINEO Safety?

FINEO Safety offers protection against physical damage. For this product, FINEO is laminated on the inside and outside.

The advantage

FINEO Safety makes it possible to meet the safety requirements of certain projects, particularly in the case of glazing close to the ground.

What is FINEO Solar Control?

FINEO Solar Control has a solar control layer to limit the heat entering the building on summer days.

The advantage

FINEO Solar Control guarantees a pleasant indoor temperature all year long. Suitable for south-facing facades and large glazed areas, it retains heat in winter and maintains coolness in summer.

What is Fineo?

FINEO, in its standard version, is composed of 0.1 mm of vacuum enclosed between 2 sheets of glass, one of which is coated with a low-emissivity layer. It is available in several thicknesses.

The advantage

FINEO offers thermal insulation similar to triple glazing, with a thickness ranging from 6 to 12 mm. Thinner and lighter, it offers more comfort to the occupants.

What is FINEO Acoustic?

FINEO Acoustic offers a reinforced soundproofing. Laminated on one side, a noise reduction of up to 42dB can be achieved.

The advantage

FINEO Acoustic improves the wellbeing of the building occupants by significantly reducing noise pollution. It is particularly effective against road traffic noise, reducing its perception by half compared to other insulating glass.

What is FINEO Heritage?

FINEO Heritage is the version of FINEO with an antique glass finish. This process gives FINEO the appearance of a historical glass.

The advantage

This product is particularly suitable for restoration projects, where it is important to preserve the historical appearance of the facade.

What we've done with Fineo

Library of Leiden

Historical building Fineo 8
Location Leiden, Netherlands Building Verhoeven, Vastgoedverbeteraars Material Wood